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Chocolate cake,
vanilla custard with buttercream

Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake with
chocolate buttercream

Red velvet cake with
cream cheese frosting

Lemon cake, raspberry filling
and buttercream

Chocolate cake, peanut butter crunch
with peanut butter buttercream

White cake, custard and
fresh strawberries with vanilla buttercream

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

White cake, apple compote and
crisp topping with brown sugar buttercream

Chocolate cake, carmel mousse with
espresso buttercream

Chocolate cake with mint buttercream

Chocolate cake, coconut-pecan goo
with brown sugar buttercream

Chocolate cake with liquid carmel center,
carmel frosting and black Hawaiian lava salt.

All cupcakes are $2.50 each.
Orders fewer than 100 cupcakes:
Stop in and check out what we have or feel free to place orders via email/phone 24 hours in advance, cut off time is 4pm
Orders exceeding 100 cupcakes:
*A full 48 hours notice is required.
Brought to you by the gals at Churned ice cream