Birthday Cakes and more...

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Birthday, Anniversary, Baptism or any occasion cakes. Our VINTAGE cakes

come in any of our

weekly cupcake flavors.

(scroll over to the cupcke page to see a list)

min 48 hour notice based on availability

6"= feeds 10 ppl.


9"= feeds 20 ppl.


12"= feeds 40+ ppl


14" = 75+ ppl.


Vintage Cakes

#faultlinecake ... these trends are keep

Trending Cakes will come and go with todays trends. Based on availability so hurry and order yours now. 

Fault Line cakes can be made using anything pattern, floral, design in the center of the cake creating a fault line effect. 

6" feeds 12+ppl


9" feeds 24+ ppl.


larger sizes not available

Trendy Cakes

I Have always loved making  #buttercream

Add a floral wreath to any of our vintage cakes. Based on availability so hurry and place your order. 

6" feeds 10ppl


9" feeds 20ppl


12" feeds 40+ppl


14" feeds 75+ ppl.


Floral Wreath

#crabcake 😂 #norfolk CLE_ Cleveland-Hop

Upgrading one of our vintage cakes can be an endless variety of fun ideas. From adding and edible image to scultping a 3D character we a min of a 2 weeks notice based on availability.

Add and Edible Image to any Vintage cake for $15.00

Add a hand painted sugar disk for $35.00

Add 2D or 3D sculpted items starting at $35.00 based on design 

Upgraded Vintage

Ruffles and more

When your Llama has an attitude like a t

Ruffles, Polka Dots,

and Rosette butter cream

texture designs 

 select from any of our weekly cupcake flavors

6" serves 10 ppl.


9" serves 20 ppl


12"serves 40+ ppl


14"serves 75+ ppl


 llama not included but upgrading options are available

Custom Cakes

This is one lucky kid.jpg

Custom cakes can be anything from sculpted 3D cakes to tiered cakes. The ideas are endless but we will need some basic information to get started. Follow the instructions on the contact page to get started. We need a minimum of 2 weeks notice so plan ahead for these cakes. 

Check our our social media for past projects and design ideas. 


Ordering is easy!

Simply call us during business hours

if your ordering a standard Vintage Cake or Cupcakes.

Any custom work or edible images, email us directly with all design ideas and information to

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Most Custom work requires a min of 2-4 weeks notice based on availability so hurry and start that email.